We follow five basic tenets when selling online.



We control and protect our partners’ online presence and brand message. We get dirty. We shower. We get dirty again. A brand’s story and pricing power are the foundation of online success.

  • We work with brand owners and retailers to understand pricing issues.
  • We guarantee the brand’s retail price when Amazon will not.
  • We enforce MAP. It is our friend. Without one, we would all get lost.
  • We navigate Amazon but monitor all of the major market place platforms.
  • We prevent over-distribution, hyper-discounting, poor customer service and bad messaging.
  • We collect and provide reports, graphs, texts, tweets, whatever feedback is necessary to expose issues and solve them.
  • We carry a big stick. We don’t like to use it often. It’s heavy.



We promote brands from lemonade stands to online campaigns. We leave no stone left unturned. Oh, we optimize too. We don’t mince words. Period.

  • We create an overall strategy for the brand on Amazon.
  • We review each listing. Edit. Nitpick. Revisit. We don’t stop until we get it right.
  • We like campaigns but only if they are friendly.
  • We love the launch process. It’s like landing on the moon. (Slight exaggeration.)
  • We think outside the box unless there’s chocolate inside.
  • We invest OUR capital to promote your product. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • We take photos. Lots of them. An image is worth a thousand words.
  • We enlist bots but only ones made in the U.S.A.
  • We pull your brand up from the Amazon swamp so that the sun can reach it. Watch it grow.



We have processing facilities on both the East and West Coast.
Never worry about inventory management.
There, we said it.

  • We make annual inventory commitments, because we have skin in the game.
  • We serve as one distribution center for our clients.
  • We are trained to handle, prep and ship every type of product.
  • We polybag, label, and bubble wrap. We do it all.
  • We purchase, keep, hold, distribute and do just about anything with inventory.
  • We use inventory management software so Amazon never goes hungry.
  • We identify and bundle products. They get cold.
  • We palletize.
  • We FBA and FBM. We love acronyms.
  • We invest in logistics to streamline and make life efficient for everyone.



We help our partners build their customer base and recapture sales. A customer’s first experience with a brand is more often than not through an online transaction. We are here to guarantee that process runs smoothly. We create great customer experiences, because brands do not exist without customers.

  • We ensure efficient supply chain to provide consistency for customers.
  • We monitor product feedback from customers and resolve issues for brand owners.
  • We provide intel on a brand’s customer base. We have tricks up our sleeves which don’t belong in print.
  • We engage and respond to each customer.
  • We solicit customer insight on products to better address marketing and functionality.
  • We place the customer experience first in all matters. Response is timely, precise, friendly and positive.



We work with Amazon. They are our friends (swallow hard). We’ve had over a combined decade of experience navigating the ins and outs of the platform.

  • We speak the native language of Amazon. Tupian to be exact. (Slight fib. We use Google translate.)
  • We work with each Amazon department (of which there are plenty) to address any issues.
  • We stay abreast of rule changes so that products never get de-listed, restricted, suppressed or even banned.
  • We work with our partners to produce any necessary MSDS forms or brand legal documents.
  • We act as a buffer for you handling all of the issues that inevitably come up with Amazon.
  • We process sales taxes across the United States. We properly identify tax categories. The law is the law.