No. CASA does not charge for its services. We do not do monthly fees or retainers either. We don’t charge a commission. We purchase your product at a price that works financially for both of us. We pay upfront.

No. If we are not holding our end of the bargain, you can cut ties with us whenever you’d like. No advance warning required. But like a beautiful marriage, if we do right by you, you’ll never have a reason to walk away.

No. We understand that each brand has a different strategic approach to the platform. However, we will always state our case for exclusivity. We believe that optimal growth on Amazon is proportionate to brand control. Brand control can only be achieved with limited Sellers. Ideal growth requires one Seller.

Yes. We request a mutual non-disclosure agreement to be in place if you want us to do investigative work and provide wholesale account information on unauthorized Sellers. We have a large database already.

Yes. We sell only through Amazon’s warehouse. We even sell Hazmat products as Amazon has granted us permission. We are equipped to store inventory at our warehouse and drop ship from it, but we don’t think that’s a good strategy.

We got you covered. We operate 24/7. Any issue gets resolved within hours. Amazon doesn’t sleep and neither do we.

Your call. Credit Cards. Upfront. Net 30. Wire. Check. Cash. Loose change.

None whatsoever. We are always happy to put you in touch with any of our brand partners. We represent small businesses to nation-wide brands.

We do everything. You focus on your core business of creating great products, and we will focus on our core business of making your products “pop” on Amazon.

We do everything.

It depends on volume and seasonality. Our goal is not only to grow your business, but also make sure that you have inventory at Amazon at all times.

Each partner is unique in this area. It really depends on what makes the most sense. We can receive any type of order and prep at our warehouse. We can also utilize Amazon’s Supply Chain System, allowing you to ship directly to Amazon on our dime.

After products have been shipped to Amazon, it typically takes up to 10 business days for the listing to be “live.” This time frame gets extended during the fourth quarter, but we have tricks up our sleeves to mitigate that.

Every brand is different. We would be happy to review your account and give you our opinion. No charge. It’s what we do. We’re even happy to meet in person wherever you might be.